Our Concept

Agora is  focused on building a trusted community with its roots in content across three key pillars: search for quality rentals, experiencing  journeys and connecting with the destination. Every home and every experience on Agora is unique.  Our standards meet the personal approach which will ensure guest’s expectations for the service they are looking for on Agora. We encourage local suppliers and nurture the beginners on their  way to a sustainable and trusted concept of traveling.



Our Story

Founded in 2015. Agora is solely focused on contributing to sustainable tourism development. Therefore Agora has developed a travel brand to connect travelers with locals and destination.


Our Values

We believe that the little things make big changes. We believe that good will is the foundation of  every success story. We see ourselves as a community fostering a balanced lifestyle with  an open-minded view. We encourage ambition, but nurture individuals ad locals. Our essence is steadily investing in knowledge, people and ideas to create added values for a better tomorrow. We aknowledge creativity and support diversity. There are no bounds at our community. We work with full integrity.

‘‘We know who we are; our words and actions are aligned; and we take a curious, unbiased, open-minded, and service-centric approach to the work we do. We meet our suppliers so you  don´t have to. We will never work with someone who doesn´t appreciate and tolerate our Standards of Conduct. We value your trust above all things.


Our Community

Our community is designed to share stories and ideas with each other, that inspire us and motivate us to build a better platform. We invite you to join, share your experiences, a unique place or a destination story to the world. We believe in supporting good practise by developing a trusted community. By listening  and learning from each other we are creating a place with no room for  discrimination.