Become a 5 STAR host

1.Who can become a 5 star host?
All tourist or travel service providers

2. What can you offer?
Whether you provide accommodation services or personalized tours / unique activities – become our host!

3. Why?
Travel is a global trend, and our country is an inevitable destination. The reasons why people travel, the demand for unique destination experiences is changing, and that unique experience is nature, culture, and the local life.

Why You?
 Following the trends we do not want to ignore the importance of sustainable development in tourism. We want to develop a culture of providing tourism services where you as a host provide a ‘5 star’ experience, thus building a trusted community among hosts and guests through our transparent and credible platform.
You know best about our country, our customs and culture and you can transfer it all in a way that is unique to the guest and for the long term sustainable tourism.

4. How?
Focused on contributing to the sustainable development of tourism, we have developed a platform that connects hosts and destination travelers through three key pillars:
1. Accommodation with top-quality host services
2. Experience unique activities
3. Connecting with the destination culture”

5. Where?
We are dedicated to people from all over the world who share our approach and vision to provide services in tourism

We’re here to help
AGORA provides tips and help along the way. From getting your home ready to choosing a price—we’ve got tools for you.